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October 7, 2010

Miami Fashion Fest

Miami locals-

Save the dates for Oct 21-23. Fashion is taking over SoBe.

September 16, 2010

One Of Those Nights

Gotta love empty art galleries and friends. There is never a boring night in Miami…. if you’re with the right people.

I inherited a ton of beautiful skirts from my boyfriends mother (thankyousomuch!) and am using them quite to their capacity. This one’s made by Vertigo Paris, and the shirts a leotard from DKNY. The shoes were the best $10 sale of my life, LOVE white heels. And especially love if they’re cheap AND good quality. Striped top + solid pencil skirt is gorgeous, if you can play it up.   I wore this DNKY top because it’s collared and has buttons, but doesn’t scream secretary. I like..

August 7, 2010

944 shoot

Setting up a shoot for 944 submission. So much to do. I’m looking for the PERFECT model, which is difficult. A stylist is difficult too. So is a location. Okay, it’s all hard….

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