Photoshop Fail

Oh my. A realistic picture of a celebrity….

Props to for posting up a non-photoshoped photo of the famous Kim Kardashian and then, realizing their mistake, they fumbled to post the edited version. Too bad smart people saved the unedited version before realized anything was wrong. So of course you knew this would go viral, because people swarm over the line “everyone in the industry is photoshopped…you’re beautiful too…”. Truth is, everyone is photoshopped. Victoria’s Secret scouts the ENTIRE WORLD for their models, so in the entire world they’ve hired the 20 most beautiful women (as told to me by my ex-model mother) … So don’t feel too bad when you watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at 10:00 pm in your pj’s eating ice cream out of the container…Veiny legs & thick waistlines can be beautiful, too…photoshop makes life unrealistic.

I, for one, do not like Kim Kardashian. But props to her and her beautiful unedited face.


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