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August 31, 2010

Pencil Skirt

Can I wear these everyday? Please? People will assume I’m always going to work.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I could make it work. Pencil skirts are amazingly gorgeous, and always a classic.

August 31, 2010

Bargain Hunting

Feel like stalking a site?

Apparently, they’re really reliable. And knowing me, I’ll go Christmas shopping on this site. It’s like an online Marshalls

August 26, 2010

La Donna Segreta

We did a shoot on Tuesday, came out sick. The finals aren’t retouched yet, but as soon as they are I’ll share 🙂

And, like always, we had a blast shooting. What else is new? 😉

August 15, 2010


August 12, 2010


“Money didn’t interest me. I got to a point where I had all this money. I had everything I ever wanted in life – or thought I wanted – and I said “What the hell is this all for?” I mean, I need money to survive. But I think people value it too much. The world seems to be based on money and sex. And I’m looking for better things than that, like happiness and love and caring.” -Gia

August 7, 2010


ASOS Contrast Trim Pintuck Detail Blouse

ASOS Jersey Pencil Skirt

ASOS TEMPEST Patent Flash Platform Shoe

Pieces Small Clutch Bag

Motel Lace Insert Dress

ASOS PUMPKIN Denim Pointed Court Shoe

ASOS Pin Studded Across Body Bag

French Connection Triple Row Metal Cuff

August 7, 2010

944 shoot

Setting up a shoot for 944 submission. So much to do. I’m looking for the PERFECT model, which is difficult. A stylist is difficult too. So is a location. Okay, it’s all hard….

August 4, 2010

Radiate Confidence


This picture reminds me of being able to distinguish yourself in a crowd. Confidence is a huge factor in fashion, because if you can’t work what you’re wearing, what’s the point of wearing it? When you read those trashy magazines with the “who wore it best” section, the most confident in the pack will likely be the one who wore it best, right? Because confidence radiates when you know how to use it correctly.

August 1, 2010


I own a beautiful gray suit from them, so if you’re in Paris any time soon, you know where to go.

August 1, 2010


Floral Critter Shoulder Bag

Peep Toe Workman Bootie

Pleated Ruffles Contrast Dress

Quilted Vinly Purse

Colorblock High Heels

Fluttering Ruffles Dress

Leatherette Trim Cardigan

Sheer Mesh Leggings

Vixen Studded Boot

Twist of Fate Bag

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